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If you’re preparing for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) exam for Child Neurology, there are a few must-have resources to help ensure you’ll ace the test. We’ll explain what resources to use, how to test yourself and what other certified physicians have to say about the materials. We interview quite a few test takers every year and these were the suggested resources:

Pediatric Neurology: A Case Based Review by Dr. Tena Rosse

This text is one of–if not the top–case-based review materials on the subject of child neurology. It was written specifically for pediatric neurology residents preparing to take their oral boards, and it’s the first text of its kind. It comes highly recommended by candidates and physicians, some of whom cite it as the most valuable text they read during their medical studies. Dr. Rosser presents a variety of cases in a highly organized manner with a clear and thorough explanation for each one, covering questions similar to those asked during the actual board exam.

BoardVitals: Child Neurology Online Question Bank 

Hands down the best resource for Child Neurology Board Review questions. (Yes, we’re biased, but we do hear feedback that this is the best qbank available). This bank contains more than 2,100 questions written specifically by Child Neurology Board Certified physicians who have taken their exams within the past several years. Questions are formatted to the 2023 content outlines for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) Certification Exam in Neurology with Special Qualification in Child Neurology. A free trial is available, no credit card required!

Fenichel’s Clinical Pediatric Neurology: A Signs and Symptoms Approach by J Eric Piña-Garza

This practical guide has been trusted by physicians for decades as the basic guide to child neurology. It presents an actionable, step-by-step roadmap to diagnose the primary neurologic disorders of childhood. Comprehensive while also readable, it’s considered one of the most useful texts for residents during their child neurology rotations.

Comprehensive Review in Clinical Neurology: A Multiple Choice Question Book for the Wards and Boards by Dr. Esteban Cheng-Ching

While not specifically focused on child neurology, this wide-ranging review is a must-have for any candidate preparing for any sort of clinical neurology boards. It’s a newer reference book compared to some of those that have been around for many years, but it’s already earning plenty of praise among recently certified physicians who used it to prepare. It contains contributions directly from neurology residents and faculty members of Cleveland Clinic, one of the most respected names in the medical community.

Osler Institute Review Course

Osler offers self-study questions and reviews, Power Point presentations, lecture-style notes and a practice test for your written exam. You’ll find registration information as well as several recommended study materials on the organization’s website. The course is offered once per year on location, and the registration fee includes your room and board for the exam. It’s definitely an older style prep course, but we did talk to one person who had a good experience with it.

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