BoardVitals 2024 Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Nurses and Doctors

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‘Tis the season to express gratitude and appreciation for the healthcare heroes who tirelessly work to keep us healthy and safe. If you have a healthcare worker in your life, finding the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge. We’ve put together a list of some of the most useful, fun, and unique gifts to give the special healthcare workers in your life, whether they’re still in school or already practicing. 

Practical Gifts for Nurses

High-End Stethoscope 

Elevate their clinical experience with a top-tier stethoscope for precise auscultation during rotations. Littmann is a popular brand among students and practitioners alike for its quality, durability, and classic style. Bonus points if you add a personalized touch. 

stethoscope case

Stethoscope Case 

Now that your loved one has the perfect stethoscope, make sure they keep it in top shape. A case lets them carry their stethoscope with them, along with other accessories they need for their shift. 

Custom Embroidered Lab Coat 

Merge professionalism with personalization by gifting a lab coat adorned with their name or an inspirational quote. 

Performance Scrubs 

Moisture-wicking and functional scrubs are designed for comfort during long shifts in the hospital. The best news? They are available in a range of price points, for the perfect fit to any gift budget. 

Medical Bag with Multiple Pockets 

A well-organized medical bag with multiple compartments for easy access is perfect for carrying essentials during hospital rotations. 

Portable Espresso Machine 

portable coffee maker

Coffee is essential, whether your loved one is studying, in residency, or practicing. A portable coffee maker is the height of convenience, delivering caffeine anytime, anyplace – no electricity required! 

Study Gifts for Nursing and Medical Students

Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner 

Gone are the days of highlighting every line of text in a book. This magical pen can scan 3,000 characters of text per minute and digitize them into a document for future reference and study. 

mini anatomy set

Mini Anatomical Learning Set 

Anatomy and Physiology are at the core of every medical education. But chances are, the medical student in your life doesn’t have room for a full-size skeleton. These mini anatomy models let students get hands-on training without taking up space. 

Suture Practice Kit 

This kit contains everything a student needs to practice the fine art of suturing, including an “authentic human skin-like suture pad.” Take our word on that one. 

Self-Care Gifts for Nurses and Doctors

Spa Day Gift Certificate 

Healthcare is a stressful field. Provide the gift of relaxation with a spa day or massage, allowing anyone to unwind from the stresses of patients or academia. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oils 

Create a calming study environment with an aromatherapy diffuser and a set of soothing essential oils. 

noise canceling headphones

Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Shield them from distractions during study sessions or provide moments of tranquility with quality noise-canceling headphones. 


Encourage a healthy lifestyle with a fitness tracker. Fitbit tracks steps, heart rate, sleep, and a number of other metrics. 

Mindfulness App Subscription 

Foster mental well-being with a subscription to a mindfulness app, offering guided meditation and stress-relief exercises. Headspace and Calm are two of our favorites. 

Food Gift Cards 

Who doesn’t love a special treat after a tough class or long day with patients? Make sure to check for local restaurants or coffee shops. 

Fun Gifts for Healthcare Professionals


Chances are that the medical student in your life got started as a youngster with this classic game.  

Compression Socks 

Add a touch of humor to their wardrobe with quirky medical-themed socks featuring anatomy illustrations or witty medical puns. 

nurse coloring book

Doctor or Nurse Coloring Book 

Coloring is one of our favorite stress relievers. A fun medical themed coloring book is the perfect break from intense study sessions. 

Doctor Wars: The Hospital Card Game 

Whether there’s downtime between patients (we wish!) or a break in studying, this light-hearted card game will make any healthcare professional smile. It also makes a great addition to work or study group holiday parties!

The holidays are stressful enough, and selecting the perfect gift for a medical or nursing student doesn’t need to make the season worse. No matter what you choose to gift, your thoughtful gesture will undoubtedly be appreciated. 

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