5 Doctors Making A Difference in Radiology

5 Radiologists Who Are Making A Diffference

Radiology is a dynamic and intensive medical profession, requiring people capable of conceptualizing the most finite of details in any given situation. The profession is filled with dedicated and intelligent physicians, who serve as inspiration for all hopeful Radiologists in training. Here are five industry leaders have found a unique way to impact the field of radiology and the world around them.

Frank Galliard, MD

This Australian radiologist is known as the founder, CEO, and editor of online information sharing website, Radiopaedia. This non-profit, international collaboration is the largest collection of free, radiology based educational information in existence. Dr. Galliard envisioned the space as a medical Wikipedia, where visitors from around the world could share their expertise with other physicians. Hundreds of collaborators contribute to the site, and as a result, Radiopaedia has compiled a remarkable database of information.

Dr. Galliard now works full time as a radiology consultant. He is heralded by the medical community as being one of the most effective radiology educators, and for broadening the scope of information availability.

For more information, check out Dr. Galliard at @frankgaillard.

Sumer Sethi, MD

Dr. Sethi is known as a pioneer of online medical blogging. His blog, Sumer’s Radiology Blog, was the first, and now the most visited, radiology blog in the world, and Dr. Suthi is responsible for coining the subsequent term “radblogging.” Dr. Suthi’s site is purposed for the democratization of knowledge, and it offers a vast collection of case studies, healthcare updates, and radiology news.

Aside from his prolific website, Dr. Suthi is also a renowned physician, author, and medical leader. Dr. Suthi has served as the Editor-in-Chief of Internet Journal of Radiology, published a bestselling book, “Review of Radiology”, and now lectures and writes on the growing field of Teleradiology and the importance of the internet in progressive medicine. Dr. Suthi currently serves as the director of Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences making an impact across India.

Follow along with Dr. Sethi’s daily cases at @sumersethi.

Alex Berenstein, MD

Dr. Berenstein is a force within the radiology world. Born in Mexico, Dr. Berenstein immigrated to the United States at a young age. As an adult, he has achieved significant success in the field and is regarded for a variety of accomplishments, publications, and medical advancements. His most well-known contributions relate to interventional neuroradiology, where Dr. Berenstein has developed unique techniques, founded an institute, and created fundamental surgical procedures.

Aside from these accomplishments, Dr. Berenstein is an acclaimed author and site chair of the Institute of Neurology . He wrote 5 chapters in the groundbreaking “Surgical Neuroangiography”, authored 9 books, contributed 25 chapters of field oriented material to various publications and was published in over 150 peer reviewed journals. Dr. Berenstein has hosted TED talks, and lectured at over 600 occasions. He continues to serve as a professor and has received countless awards for his work.

Vivian Lee, MD, PhD

Dr. Vivian Lee is a pioneer and leader in academic medicine. With a background in radiology, Dr. Lee now reigns in Salt Lake City, Utah where she serves as a the CEO of University of Utah Health Care, the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences of the University of Utah, and acts as Dean at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Dr. Lee is an acclaimed author, published in over 150 peer reviewed studies. She wrote the best-selling text, Cardiovascular MRI: Physical Principles to Practical Protocols, and now runs the University of Utah medical blog.

To keep up with Dr. Lee, check out @vivianleemd.

St. Vincent’s Mobile Mammography Unit

The radiology staff at St. Vincent’s Mobile Mammography Unit found a unique way to address a shortage in services, and an untreated local population. Since 2001, the group of Jacksonville, Florida-based radiologists and technicians board the van daily, prepared to examine nearly 3,000 patients a year. The patients they meet with are typically underprivileged and underserved, unable to find the time or resources to seek out their own appointments. The Mobile Mammography Unit travels to businesses, schools, houses of worship, and factories to offer the screening services to women who would otherwise not receive them.

The Mobile Mammography Unit has been recognized by both the local community and national leaders. The group was the recipient of the highest award from the Susan G. Koman Grant foundation, was asked to visit Capitol Hill to meet with congress, and invited to New York to ring the NASDAQ bell.

To keep up to date with what the Mobile Mammography Unit is doing, follow St. Vincent’s hospital at @jaxhealth.

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