5 of the Most Overlooked Topics on the Radiology Board Review


Here are some of the topics that people least expect to show up on the radiology boards, but they are important and are likely to show up on Core exam day. We will be posting more in future posts, but here are 5 that our users felt were useful to study and we wanted to include in our tips and advice for the radiology core exam. While knowing diagnosis is very helpful, it is often only the first step to answering radiology board questions as they like to focus on other facts based on that diagnosis rather than just the diagnosis itself.

        1. Epidemiology: Most of the questions on the radiology board exam contain images that must be interpreted in order to answer the question. Many of those questions pertain to epidemiology such as “what percentage of pancreatic neoplasms are non-mucinous”.
        2. Genetics: The exam will require image interpretation but the question often ask about genes that are related to the diagnosis seen in that image. For example it may ask about a mutation or deletion in the NF1 gene.
        3. 2 and 3-step questions: These have become more popular and must be mastered in order to pass the radiology boards. In these types of questions you may see a diagnosis in an image or case but then rather than them asking for the diagnosis they will ask what a side effect of the treatment for it might be (3-step), or what the treatment is (2-step).
        4. Vascular drugs commonly used and embolization materials: Memorize these, they are highly likely to show up.
        5. Nuclear: Our advice for the Radiology boards is to know the daily, weekly, yearly etc. basis for quality control of the various nuclear medicine agents.

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