20 Best of the Worst Medical Stock Photos

Medical Stock Photography

Medical Stock Photography

We’ve all seen those images. Yes, those images. I’m talking about the nightmare-inducing medical/dental/health care stock photos plastered in the windows of urgent cares, hawking remedies on the side of busses and in subway advertisements, smiling at us maniacally from online health articles, and peppered like a burned piece of tuna throughout every medical website in existence (yes, we’re guilty too #sorrynotsorry).

As a content marketing manager for a leading provider of medical/health care education, I see my fair share of stock photography. I sift through thousands of images in hopes of finding ONE nugget of authenticity; however, to my dismay (but really, my ultimate pleasure) I tend to run into photo after photo that defies explanation and simply should not exist.Medical Stock Photos

So it’s with my great honor to share with you the 20 best of the worst medical stock photos: volume 1. These are real, folks, I didn’t make any of this up. Well, except for the witty captions. Enjoy!


Medical GIF

It’s the final countdown… 


medical stock photo

I wish everyone stared at me like this as they ate their apples.


Medical Stock Photography

Mmmm… A hand sandwich.


Medical Stock Photography

Damn EMR’s!


Medical Stock Photography

“We’re short staffed today! HAHA!”


Medical Stock Photography

He’ll… iron… out that heart problem. *stifled laughter*


Medical Stock Photography

New advancements in medical technology!


Medical Stock Photography

When your charge nurse asks if you want to leave early, you’re like…


Medical Stock Photography

“Shhh… It’ll all be over soon…”


Medical Stock Photography

“The issue with your heart, Mr. Johnson, is that it’s literally in my hands.”


Medical Stock Photography

I have no words for this one. No words.


Medical Stock Photography

I don’t think any of these people were at the same photo shoot.


Medical Stock Photography



Medical Stock Photography

“I feel so vulnerable.”


Medical Stock Photography

“Yes, I’m sure it’s genetic.”


Medical Stock Photography

The actual stock photo caption was: “Dr. Bad News”


medical stock photos

What exactly is going on here?


Medical Stock Photography

Someone has some explaining to do…


Medical Stock Photography

Why is she so happy?


Medical Stock Photography

If that wasn’t a toothbrush it’d obviously be positive. 

And why, why, why does this picture exist?

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