Preventive Measures to Make a Hangover More Manageable

Preventive Measures to Make a Hangover More Manageable

Independence Day is usually filled with grilling, watching fireworks and for some, drinking a healthy amount of alcohol. Check out our preventive measures to take that can make a 4th of July hangover more manageable. 

According to Nick Angelis, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and CEO of Alleviant Health Centers of Akron, the answer to curing a hangover is simpler than you think… Hydrate. Yes, replenishing your body with the right liquids will rid you of your hangover.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

woman drinking water to prevent hangover

Consuming adequate sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes is a must before and after drinking. A sprinkle of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt with a squeeze of lemon in a glass of water is an easy and effective method for preventing hangovers. Vegetable juice is also rich in nutrients and electrolytes, but sugary sports drinks should be avoided.

TIP: As you’re choosing your beverage this July 4th, drink “clean.” Choose herb infused liquors over syrupy mixes with too many ingredients. 

Preventive Electrolytes, Digestive Enzymes, and Probiotics

activated charcoal capsules as a preventative measure for hangoverFueling your body with electrolytes, digestive enzymes and probiotics is a surefire way to aid your eminent hangover. On the day you’re planning to drink, take two activated charcoal capsules right before and after the party, and enzymes with your party food. Activated Charcoal in high doses can soak up metabolites and toxins from your bloodstream. This doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a try, right?

Chlorella or bentonite clay may work as a preventive measure, too. Taking Chlorella has been seen to work if you take it two hours before you start drinking. This enzyme works by protecting the liver before alcohol is consumed.

Less powerful options like silica, reishi mushroom, milk thistle, or glycine can also help with liver detoxification. Your local health food stores should sell at least one of these ingredients, along with enzymes, so you can more easily digest carbohydrates and probiotics. The milk thistle, in particular, will work better with a few days head start and should be continued for a few days afterward. 

Hangover symptoms are primarily caused by dehydration and the byproducts from the liver trying to detoxify the body. Only a certain amount of alcohol can be metabolized at a time, no matter how quickly you drink. However, just because you’re taking precautions, doesn’t mean you’re “hangover proof.” So try to keep your drinking at a moderate level, be sure to drink water between hard drinks, and most importantly, enjoy yourself this holiday weekend. (You’ll thank us for it later.)




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