How to Pass the 2015 Pediatric Shelf Exam



The Pediatric Shelf Exam is probably one of the easiest shelf exams in my opinion. There are great prep resources as well as a lot of available information about the exam. However, there is typically a time crunch on this particular exam. For this shelf exam, in particular, taking timed online exams is your best bet. Most of the questions are straightforward, so go with your gut, pick the best choice and move on.

Here are a few good resources to prepare for the Pediatric Shelf Exam:

      • PreTest (great resource, go through it twice)
      • Board Vitals Pediatric Shelf Question Bank (take this in timed mode at 60 seconds per question to gauge your speed)
      • Blueprints
      • NMS (Pediatric Topics Specifically)

Good Topics to Know:

      • Congenital Heart Disease – Know it inside and out, know it cold.
      • Developmental Milestone Questions
      • There are a few trauma questions (but they’re pretty straightforward)
      • APGAR
      • Neonatal screening
      • Common Pediatric Skin conditions (this power point presentation has really helpful images for the exam:
      • Diabetes
      • Diabetes Insipidus


There is a strong correlation between the number of practice questions that you take and performance on the exam. Make sure to take a sufficient number of Pediatric Shelf Exam questions before heading into the exam.