New MOC Requirement: 25 Scribe Hours

A generic board association this morning wrote:  “We believe that a more-continuous certification helps all of us keep up with the rapidly changing nature of modern medical practice, it is clear that parts of the new program are not meeting the needs of physicians like yourself. We listened to what physicians everywhere were asking for – and did the complete opposite. We feel like a new scribe program is a great way to get physicians to complete additional meaningless tasks, while simultaneously generating revenue for ourselves. It’s a win-win and we’re doing this because the public is asking for it.” Dr. June, who is an independent practicing physician who is compensated heavily by the board to generate independent studies, writes “Getting physicians to practice their documentation skills will prepare them to better serve the interests of the public, and will improve patient outcomes. I will also get more personal funding, so I wholly support this initiative”


April Fools!

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