Match Day Celebration Ideas While Social Distancing

match day celebration

Match Day this year will look different than any we’ve ever seen before. While COVID-19 vaccinations have begun to bring us back to our normal lives, there is still a need to practice caution. Traditional Match Day celebrations and parties may not be an option again this year, but there are still ways to celebrate your good news with loved ones. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your Match Day celebrations. 

Group Video Chats

match day social distancingVirtual parties have been our new normal for the past year. Take advantage of the fact that we live in the digital age by sharing your excitement with friends and family on one of the many video chat services available. Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Instagram Live, and Houseparty all offer group video options to help us all achieve some social interaction.

Looking to celebrate? Select a time and video chat service, then send out an e-invitation to your friends, family, and cohort with all the details. While you can’t hug each other, being able to see your loved ones can make your big day special.

Dress For the Occasion

Many people staying at home likely have not found a reason to may find it difficult to dress in anything more than sweatpants or pajamas. During your big day, make yourself look special! Wear that dress or tie that you’ve been holding off for something special – it’s not every day that you get to celebrate your t doesn’t get any bigger than Match Day. Get your guests to dress up too! Set a dress code or choose a theme so your guests can get in on the fun and get out of their home lounging apparel.

Event Catering for One

You can’t have a celebration without good food. While you may not be able to sit down at a restaurant, takeout and delivery is still available for most eateries. Treat yourself to a very special meal or dessert, and toast to your accomplishments. 

In your e-invitation, have everyone order or make the same food to make it feel like you are all in the same room enjoying the same foods.

Celebrate with a Match Day Playlistmatch day party

Nothing makes a party like the perfect soundtrack. Whether you’re on a video chat with loved ones or celebrating on your own, celebratory tunes will set the mood. Create your own playlist or listen to our special Match Day party playlist on Spotify. 

Netflix and Quarantine

Instead of a celebration, perhaps you prefer to keep things low key by relaxing and watching some television with your loved ones. However, social distancing doesn’t mean you have to do a movie night or have a TV watch party by yourself. You can Netflix and quarantine with a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party, which allows you to watch the same Netflix content at the same time with your loved ones without being in the same room. There’s even a chat room feature so everyone can communicate with each other in real-time. 

Long Distance Gaming

There’s more to a celebration than just being able to talk with friends and family. Continue the festivities by playing Online multiplayer video games, which can be played on a variety of systems, allowing you to mix some fun in with your virtual socializing. 

Share Your Match Day Results in Instagram Stories

Save the template below to your mobile device, fill in the blanks, and share it to your Instagram story. Make sure to share a blank template too so someone else can use the template for their own Instagram story.

Match Day BoardVitals Instagram Story TemplateUse Our Match Day Stickers in Your Instagram Stories

Did you know we have Match Day stickers available in Instagram Stories? Simply search ‘boardvitals’ in the GIF section to use our Match Day stickers.boardvitals match day instagram story stickers

While a virtual Match Day celebration may never truly make up for an in-person one, you can still make the most of this time while honoring your achievements. You deserve to celebrate your Match Day. It was a very long road to get to where you are. Congratulations to all who have matched!

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