How Much Do Doctors Make?

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When you take your medical entrance exams, how much you will make as a doctor is probably the last thing on your mind. But after you prepare for your exams, complete your MCATs, and make it into your dream medical school, it is time to start thinking about the future. Should you pursue a specialty? Does your specialty influence your future earning potential? How much do doctors make, and how much can you expect to earn?

What Influences Doctors’ Salaries?

The most important factor on your future earnings as a doctor is the type of medicine you choose to practice. Statistics show that family doctors and pediatricians simply do not make anywhere near as much as surgeons and cardiologists do.

Another factor in a doctor’s salary is the geographic location where he or she practices. Doctors in major metropolitan areas bring home more than they would in rural locations.

Other factors that may have an impact on what doctors earn include the hospital they are affiliated with, their experience level, and even their demeanors.

How Much Do Doctors Make? Comparing Salaries

Who averages the highest salary in the medical field? We have compiled the following data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, and the MedScape Physician Compensation Report of 2019.

Top Earners in the Medical Field

Orthopedic Surgeons $482,000

Cardiologists $430,000

Urologists $408,000

Otolaryngologists $461,000

Anesthesiologists $392,000

Dermatologists $419,000

Oncologists/Hematologists $359,000

Radiologists $419,000

Surgeons (General) $362,000

Gastroenterologists $417,000

Pulmonologists $331,000

Average Salaries for other U.S. Physicians and Specialists

OB-GYN $303,000

Ophthalmologists $366,000

Neurologists $267,000

Rheumatologists $259,000

Psychiatrists $260,000

Pediatricians $225,000

Family Physicians $231,000

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