An Update on BoardVitals CME Pro Plus

Effective January 3, 2023, BoardVitals is discontinuing its CME Pro Plus package. This decision aligns with our core values, primarily trust and transparency with our customers. As an accredited CME provider, BoardVitals strives to maintain the integrity behind the purpose of CME: lifelong learning and maintenance of certification. This decision allows our teams to focus on providing high-quality CME content for years to come. 

BoardVitals will continue to offer CME Professional as well as any CME Add-On Certificates. We look forward to continuing to be your source for in-depth, first-rate CME content.   

If you purchased CME Pro Plus prior to January 3, 2023, your subscription will continue without interruption in accordance with our terms

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our Customer Support team with any questions. 

[email protected] 


What happens after January 3, 2023? 

CME Pro Plus will simply no longer exist as an option for purchase. This change will not affect any purchases of CME Pro Plus prior to January 3, 2023. 

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