The Benefits of Group Studying

The Benefits of Group Studying

There can be many pros and cons of studying alone vs. in a group setting. Discovering your preferred method, along with healthy study habits and the right study material, can really help improve your performance on your upcoming board exam. Below are a few items you might want to keep in mind as you schedule your next study session.


Creating a Plan

Whether you’re studying alone, or in a group, there are bound to be distractions. However, creating a thorough plan with defined goals of what you want to accomplish before you start studying can help eliminate the chance for unwanted distractions. Try thinking, “Tonight, I’m going to learn and master everything in infectious disease topics, and then take two 20 question practice quizzes,” as opposed to “Tonight, I’ll get through as much as I can.” The great thing about studying in a group setting, is you can hold one another accountable to get through the decided-upon study guide as opposed to flaking early and calling it a night.


Take Breaks Often

There have been countless studies on how often to take breaks while studying, and how long the break should be. Some suggest 52 minutes of studying with 17 minute interval breaks. Some recommend studying for 90 minutes before taking a break. While others even propose taking a 5 minute break for every 25 minutes of work. While there hasn’t been a scientific consensus as to what break schedule is the most beneficial, it’s safe to say that taking frequent breaks after intense studying is essential. What should you do on these breaks? Though it can be tempting, try to resist the urge to get on Instagram or Twitter. If possible, do something physical. Stretch, get up and take a walk, or play with your dog. 


Benefits of Group Study Sessions 

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Less Procrastination

If you have more people with you, there’s more of a chance to keep each other in check. Having extra people studying the material with you also helps keep you motivated!

Learn Something New While Learning Something New

Often times, you can learn new study habits, new ways of memorizing information, or something completely unrelated to what you’re studying when you study in a group format.

Prepare Yourself For Life Outside

When applied to the “real world”, you are often in a group setting. Collaborating, brainstorming, and tag-teaming projects all happen in real jobs. Preparing to do this in an academic environment can help prepare you for these types of situations in a professional working situation. Furthermore, in a group setting where you are all working towards the same goal can foster the feeling of comradery and being in the “trenches” together. You’re more likely to feel more invested in how your group peers scored on their exam. 

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