Can You Answer These 4 Child Neurology MOC Practice Questions?

child neurology moc

Is your Child Neurology MOC exam around the corner? It’s time to start preparing! The best way to sharpen old skills is through practice. You know the material covered on the exam, but you need to train for your brain to recall the information easily. Start with these four practice questions from our Child Neurology MOC question bank.

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You will be expected to answer 220 multiple-choice questions on the Child Neurology MOC exam over the course of five hours. The time will be broken into four sections, each with 40-60 questions. The two types of questions you’ll encounter on the exam are stand-alone and vignette questions. Stand-alone questions are singular and can be flagged for review or skipped and returned to in the exam setting. Vignette questions are linked to a case or short video clip. These questions are sequential and therefore must be answered in order. You cannot skip these and return to them in the exam setting.

According to the ABPN Child Neurology MOC Content Blueprint, the following topics are featured on the exam:

Dimension 1: Neurologic Disorders and Topics

  1. Headache and pain disorders 8-12%
  2. Epilepsy and episodic disorders 9-13%
  3. Sleep disorders 1-3%
  4. Genetic and developmental disorders 10-14%
  5. Vascular neurology 3-5%
  6. Neuromuscular diseases 5-7%
  7. Movement disorders 6-8%
  8. Neuroimmunologic and paraneoplastic disorders of the CNS 7-11%
  9. Neuroinfectious diseases 4-6%
  10. Brain and spinal trauma 4-6%
  11. Neuro-ophthalmologic and neuro-otologic disorders 1-3%
  12. Metabolic diseases, nutritional deficiency states, and disorders due to toxins, drugs, and physical agents 2-4%
  13. Neuro-oncologic disorders 4-6%
  14. Behavioral neurology and neurocognitive disorders 7-9%
  15. Psychiatric disorders 4-6%
  16. Autonomic nervous system disorders 1-2%
  17. Normal structure, process, and development through the life cycle 4-6%

Dimension 2: Physician Competencies and Mechanisms

  • Neuroscience and mechanism of disease 4-6%
  • Clinical aspects of neurologic disease 22-28%
  • Diagnostic procedures 27-33%
  • Treatment 27-33%
  • Interpersonal and communication skills 2-3%
  • Professionalism 2-3%
  • Practice-based learning and improvement 2-3%
  • Systems-based practice 2-3%

Before taking the exam, we recommend that you review the sample screens that ABPN provides to familiarize yourself with the testing environment.

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