Pain Medicine CME Requirements

American Board of Pain Medicine

    • At a Glance

    • By the end of year 10

      • 2 Recommendations written by peer physicians
      • 300 CME Hours. 150 CME Hours must be specific to pain medicine
      • 1 Recertification Exam

    Note: These requirements are specific to the ABPM. Certification is also available through the ABA, so please check your corresponding board for accurate information.

    Applicants must complete, on average, 30 hours of Category 1 Continuing Medical Education per year. (For a total of 300 hours over a ten year period). At least 150 of these hours must be specific to pain medicine (algiatry).

    Clinician must be engaged in Pain Medicine on an ongoing basis (eg in active practice) and must be recommended by two different physicians.

    Candidates must also complete a re-certification exam.



Pain Medicine

    Arthritis - $39

    Earn 2 hours of Arthritis specific CME while earning ABIM MOC points.

    Pain Medicine Question Bank CME - $599

    Prepare for the ABA and ABPM Pain Medicine Exams while completing 45 Pain Medicine specific Category 1 CME credits.

    End of Life Care CME - $39

    Complete up to 2 hours of End of Life Care CME by working through questions specific to the field.

    Geriatric Medicine CME - $79

    Complete up to 5 hours of Geriatric Medicine specific CME by answering multiple choice questions.

    Neuromuscular Disorders CME - $99

    Earn up to 12 hours of Neuromuscular Disorder CME by going through questions and answers.

    Palliative Care CME - $39

    Earn up to 2 hours Palliative Care specific CME by completing a brief assessment.

Continuing Education requirements change often. We monitor the boards regularly to stay current, but if any information appears out of date, contact us and let us know.