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On the Otolaryngology Oral exam the prompts are generally very straightforward. Most test takers have spent the past four to five years learning the core content, so the cases will not come as a surprise. In many ways, the test is configured to make sure that learners communicate effectively and can ask the right questions.

The examiners are not out to trick learners and proctors are trained to stick to standard prompts. The BoardVitals simulated walk through is designed to expose learners to the standard prompts as well as help learners structure a COMPLETE answer. While the cases we present are detailed and are good learning in and of themselves, the primary focus of this activity is to create a mental blueprint for articulating responses during the exam.

On the real exam, each section has approximately 3 cases and typically the cases are balanced between easy and difficult. Most learners have indicated that the hardest cases can appear in general ENT, so we have presented a series of challenging cases in that category.

Most importantly, the Oral exams have a very high pass rate. (Estimated over 95%) Use the BoardVitals practice guidelines, review high level concepts, sleep well before the exam and you’ll be fine. Good luck!