Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation CME Requirements

American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    • At a Glance

    • By the end of year 5

      • 150 Category 1 CME hours (min 8 self-assessment)
      • 1 Practice Performance Project
    • By the end of year 10

      • 150 Category 1 CME hours (years 6-10, min 8 self-assessment)
      • MOC Exam (years 7-10 only)
      • 1 Project Performance Project (years 6-10)

    The American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation requires 150 Category 1 credits every 5 years, of which a minimum of 50% must relate to the physician's specialty or subspecialty.
    Physician's with time-limited certificates issued before 2012 must complete 300 credits by the end of the year 10.



Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    Arthritis - $39

    Earn 2 hours of Arthritis specific CME while earning ABIM MOC points.

    Electrodiagnostic Medicine CME - $59

    Complete 3 hours of Electrodiagnostic Medicine CME by completing questions, answers, and explanations.

    Geriatric Medicine CME - $79

    Complete up to 5 hours of Geriatric Medicine specific CME by answering multiple choice questions.

    Neuromuscular Disorders CME - $99

    Earn up to 12 hours of Neuromuscular Disorder CME by going through questions and answers.

    Palliative Care CME - $39

    Earn up to 2 hours Palliative Care specific CME by completing a brief assessment.

Continuing Education requirements change often. We monitor the boards regularly to stay current, but if any information appears out of date, contact us and let us know.