USMLE Step 2 Board Review Questions

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“I tutor students at a local medical school on the weekends and questions are a huge part of my teaching strategy. I've found BoardVitals' questions are excellent teaching tools, because the answer explanations are always on point and provide good clinical context. I would recommend your Step 2 Question Bank to any medical student studying for USMLE who wishes to supplement their core notes and their learning, overall.”

Resident Physician at Glendale Adventist

USMLE Step 2 Board Exam

The actual Step 2 CK is a full day examination. (9 hours) and is generally considered by our students to be harder than the other Step examinations. You will be given an hour for each set, and each set includes 45 questions or less. When you are setting up the exam on our system, we suggest allocating 80 seconds per question to give you a feel for the real thing.

We also suggest using our system in the following way.

  • Start with a timed exam to gauge your overall performance
  • Compare yourself to other students using our score comparison tool
  • Go through the entire question bank in ‘Review Mode’, reading the explanations even if you think you understand the concept. The explanations contain a lot of detail to help you.
  • One week before the exam, start getting back into the habit of taking timed exams to make sure you have the right pacing.

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