BoardVitals Pediatric Board Results 2014 / 2015

BoardVitals has conducted a survey to determine our Pediatric Board pass rate compared to the national average. Each survey is conducted by Lucyna Solutions (an independent third party) and is based on a random selection of test takers. We are the only board prep company that we know of that publishes independently certified results on an annual basis.

BoardVitals Pediatric Board Pass Rate: 86%

National Average: 78%

Pediatric Number of Respondents: 16 (Statistically Significant Sample)

Survey conducted by: Lucyna

Pediatric Board Survey Results
  • The majority of physicians said BoardVitals adequately prepared them for the exam
  • 85% of pediatricians thought BoardVitals software was easy to use
  • 4 out of 5 also thought BV provided great value for the price
  • About 80% of respondents said BoardVitals helped improve exam performance
  • Prep for great Pediatric Board Results with our Pediatric Question Bank

User Comments

Here's some of the feedback that we received. You'll see a lot is good, but we also don't shy from complaints. Instead, we are learning from our students and physicians and are constantly evolving the BoardVitals application to be the best and most comprehensive study guide available. We're proud to keep beating the national average for pass ratings as well as our own marks.

"Similar question format to the boards." — 1/28/2015

"Some of the questions were identical to those asked on the boards." — 1/28/2015

    Response from BoardVitals: Great! Glad you passed the exam.

"1. Don't allow the user to change their answer once submited 2. Eliminate the which one is not true questions" — 1/28/2015

    Response from BoardVitals: Thank you for the feedback. We track the question formats very closely. Here is a blog post that explains how the questions are formatted. We will change the wording to be ‘least likely’ on the couple of questions that are structured that way.

"Hi there, I'm planning to purchase the pediatric questions again. I definitely think your questions are great and I'm already preparing... Thanks in advance!" — 1/28/2015

"I think your questions are geared towards not missing the "Zebras in the herd of Horses" You should focus on the regular disease more than esoteric lesions." — 1/28/2015

    Response from BoardVitals: Thanks for the feedback. While there are definitely minutae on the board exam and we try to track for that, we can definitely include more general content. We’ll work on adding more general knowledge in the 2015 question bank.

"Great resource. Helpful to practice in board style setting. Great use of images and explanations. Some questions a bit esoteric, but otherwise good review." — 1/28/2015

"The answers were displayed in a thin column on my MacBook Pro making it difficult to review answers." — 1/28/2015

    Response from BoardVitals: Thanks! We fixed this, you should be good to go.

"I thought that for the pediatric boards, the BoardVitals questions tested minutia and required memorization to answer, vs being able to work through the question and arrive at an answer. It was a lot of x, y, z symptoms what is the diagnosis, which is helpful for all the things we have to memorize for the boards." — 1/28/2015

"Some questions on the exam were almost identical to those in BoardVitals. This was very helpful." — 1/28/2015

"I loved having access to the materials on my phone but if the mobile application/interface can be improved at all, that would have a huge benefit because there aren't a lot of other mobile options for peds boards prep." — 1/28/2015

    Response from BoardVitals: Thanks! We released a much improved mobile interface for all of the specialties in early 2015. Please let us know if this made the experience better.

"Some questions repeated, but that's not necessarily a bad thing especially since you [may have] forgotten you did them earlier in the studying process." — 1/28/2015

    Response from BoardVitals: Sorry about that. Thanks for flagging the repeats.

"Very useful for reviewing the less common MPS syndromes and rare Metabolic syndromes." — 1/31/2015