Nephrology Board Review Questions

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About the ABIM Nephrology Certification Exam

As outlined by the ABIM Certification Examination Blueprint, the purpose of the examination is to evaluate the knowledge, diagnostic reasoning, and clinical judgment skills expected of the certified nephrologist in the broad domain of the discipline.

What is tested on the ABIM Nephrology Certification Exam?

The ABIM Nephrology Certification Exam tests on the following topics:

  • Sodium and Water Abnormalities 8%
  • Acid‐Base and Potassium Disorders 10%
  • Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium Disorders and Stones 4%
  • Chronic Kidney Disease 20%
  • Hypertension 10%
  • Tubular, Interstitial, and Cystic Disorders 4%
  • Glomerular and Vascular Disorders 12%
  • Kidney Transplantation 10%
  • Pharmacology 8%
  • Acute Kidney Injury and Intensive Care Unit Nephrology 14%

How long is the ABIM Nephrology Certification Exam?

The ABIM Nephrology board exam is offered once a year and takes approximately 10 hours, which is divided into 8 hours of testing time, 100 minutes of break time and 30 minutes for a tutorial. There are up to 240 questions on the exam which are in single best answer format. This type of question consists of a brief statement, case history, graph or picture followed by a question and list of possible options. The pass rate for the American Board of Internal Medicine Nephrology Certification Exam in 2015 was 89%.

About the AOBIM Nephrology Board Exam

As outlined by the AOBIM, certification in Nephrology is a program for certified internal medicine specialists, designed to recognize excellence among those who provide care in this subspecialty field. The program consists of two components: satisfactory completion of two years of an AOA approved fellowship program in Nephrology and successful performance on a comprehensive, one-day written/clinical examination.

What is tested on the AOBIM Nephrology Examination?

The AOBIM Nephrology Examination covers the following:

  • Fluid, Acid-Base, Electrolyte Physiology/Renal function testing 4%
  • Mineral metabolism/disorders(PO4, Ca, Mg) 4%
  • Hypo/Hypernatremia 4%
  • Hypo/Hyperkalemia 3%
  • Acid-base disorders/Renal tubular disorders 10%
  • Acute kidney injury 9%
  • Pregnancy and the kidney 1%
  • Overdose/Toxic nephropathy/Intoxication 3%
  • Primary glomerular disease 7%
  • Secondary glomerular disease 6%
  • Diabetic nephropathy 4%
  • Hypertension 5%
  • Chronic kidney disease 5%
  • Peritoneal dialysis 5%
  • Hemodialysis 8%
  • Renal transplantation 5%
  • Vasculitis/Vascular disorders of kidney 3%
  • Tubulointerstitial disease 3%
  • Urolithiasis 1%
  • Obstructive uropathy 1%
  • Urinary tract infections/Pyelonephritis 2%
  • Cystic disease/UT anomalies 4%
  • Familial disorders of kidney 3%

How long is the AOBIM Nephrology Board Exam?

The AOBIM Nephrology Examination is offered once a year and lasts one day. The examination is 300 questions in multiple-choice format. The AOBIM Nephrology exam is offered in computer-based format.

Do I need to take a Nephrology board review course?

Many nephrologists find value in the lectures and discussions offered in a nephrology board review course. However, the BoardVitals Nephrology Question Bank is intended to provide both practice and assessment with board-style questions, as well as learning and remediation through detailed explanations. These evidence-based rationales cover not only the best answer, but also the incorrect answers to provide context for learning nephrology topics.