NBME Internal Medicine Shelf Exam Review Questions and Practice Tests

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“BoardVitals is outstanding! Its Internal Medicine question bank for both the shelf exam and the boards is excellent... I had the opportunity to review both question banks, and as someone who has taken both the shelf exam and the boards, these questions are exactly what you need to pass! They will expose the areas in which you are weak, and the explanations will expand your medical knowledge. The questions are challenging and reflect current best practices. I strongly recommend BoardVitals IM exams!”

Sonya Lecuona
Internal Medicine Specialist, Baltimore MD

NBME Internal Medicine Shelf Exam Prep and Readiness

Internal Medicine is a really broad topic, especially for shelf exams. You won’t find any one single source that follows the exam directly… most physicians that we talked to used 3+ sources during their prep time. Fortunately, though, the Internal Medicine content is not as ‘tricky’ as Family Medicine, you just need to have a broad knowledge base. First Aid is a good Internal Medicine companion to use hand in hand with BoardVitals to make sure that you’re covering all relevant topics.

NBME Internal Medicine Percentile Requirements

Internal Medicine requires a score at the 11th percentile to pass.

Since it is graded ‘on a curve’, it’s important to compare yourself to others. Use the ‘percent correct’ feature on our platform to know where you stand. Internal Medicine is not a rushed exam, generally speaking, but it is important to be aware of timing – we suggest using the time keeping feature on our platform.

Our platform also allows you to flag questions so you can go back and review at a later date. Good luck on the shelf exams! They do get easier!

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