ABFAS Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery Certification Exam Questions

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“This podiatric question bank is a powerful and surely effective study tool.”

Stephen Offutt
DPM, ABFAS Foot and Ankle Certified

Tips for the ABFAS Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery Exams

We suggest using the McGlamry textbook as a resource for the ABFAS in tandem with the BoardVitals question bank for the RRA exam. We are not associated with McGlamry review, but the textbook is referenced in some of the explanations offered in our question banks.

Note that being Board Certified in Foot Surgery is a prerequisite to taking the reconstructive rearfoot/ankle surgery.

The ABFAS RRA exams are fairly difficult and cover very specific topics given the limited scope of the exam. While Part 1 of the exam covers diagnostics and operative care, Part 2 is focused strictly on interpreting clinical information, making diagnostics and planning treatments. Many of the concepts on the exam are topics that you have encountered in your practice, but be prepared for a few of the more esoteric cases. The questions are all multiple choice questions (MCQ), but are case-structured.

You may also access computer-based simulation practice cases on the ABFAS website. You’ll have to be logged in to the site, but there is a hyperlink in the lower right hand corner. We strongly suggest using these practice sets in addition to the BoardVitals RRA Surgery question banks.

If you have any questions about our ABFAS targeted question banks, please Contact Us.