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Pediatric Cardiology Certification Recertification for Attendings

Pediatric Cardiology Board Review Questions

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“BoardVitals' question bank is very typical of the board exam. It is also a good way to review key core topics. Excellent format and very time-efficient.”

Samir Pancholy

The Pediatric Cardiology Certification Exam Blueprint:

The BoardVitals Pediatric Cardiology Board Review Question Bank adheres to the American Board of Pediatrics Pediatric Cardiology Content Outline as follows:

  • Cardiovascular Structure, Development, and Function (7%)
  • Pharmacology (6%)
  • Cardiovascular Examination, Principles, and Application of Cardiac Diagnostics (9%)
  • Office-Based Cardiac Problems (7%)
  • Left-to-Right Shunts (6%)
  • Right-to-Left Shunts (6%)
  • Single Ventricular Lesions (6%)
  • Structural, Valvar, and Obstructive Lesions (6%)
  • Congenital Abnormalities of the Great Arteries and Aorta (5%)
  • Systemic and Pulmonary Venous Abnormalities and Situs Abnormalities (4%)
  • Disorders of the Myocardium, Pericardium, Endocardium, and Vasculature (4%)
  • Heart Function and Disease in the Fetus and Newborn (5%)
  • Intensive Care Management of Patients with Congenital Heart Disease (5%)
  • Arrhythmias (6%)
  • Acquired Forms of Cardiac Disease (4%)
  • Genetic Disorders and Syndromes of the Cardiovascular System (4%)
  • Congenital Heart Disease in the Adolescent and Adult (5%)
  • Core Knowledge in Scholarly Activities (5%)

We’ve found that there is a strong correlation between the number of practice questions and performance on the board exams. This correlation holds for Cardiology as well as the subspecialties. The BoardVitals Pediatric Cardiology question bank offers 200 highly reviewed and rated questions specific to the Pediatric Cardiology certification.

As mentioned in the ABP's Booklet of Information - A Guide to Board Certification in Pediatrics, subspecialty certifying examinations (except sports medicine) are administered every 2 years.