BoardVitals Pathology Board Results 2014 / 2015

BoardVitals has conducted a survey to determine our Pathology Board pass rate compared to the national average. Each survey is conducted by Lucyna Solutions (an independent third party) and is based on a random selection of test takers. We are the only board prep company that we know of that publishes independently certified results on an annual basis.

BoardVitals Pathology Board Pass and Partial Pass Rate: 74.2%

National Average: 68%

Pathology Number of Respondents: 32 (Statistically Significant Sample)

Survey conducted by: Lucyna

Pathology Board Survey Results

User Comments

Here's some of the feedback that we received. You'll see a lot is good, but we also don't shy from complaints. Instead, we are learning from our students and physicians and are constantly evolving the BoardVitals application to be the best and most comprehensive study guide available. We're proud to keep beating the national average for pass ratings as well as our own marks.

"An excellent tool for board preparation. Highly recommended." — 11/16/2014

"I've highly recommended BoardVitals to others in my field taking the recertification exam." — 11/16/2014

"Good tool. Helped me focus. Good price." — 11/15/2014

"Great service, thank you, I'll be back!" — 11/14/2014

"Love that you can do these questions on the phone. I had a newborn while studying for the boards and spent many nights nursing with my phone next to me doing questions." — 11/13/2014

"The online format is great. I think you could tweak it by having it more closely simulate the exam. They have some multistep questions, virtual slides, and a lot of one line written questions. The questions in the boards are shorter. Preparing with longer questions has both its positives and negatives; similarly, there are no all except questions on the boards. I like studying with the harder format questions as you get multiple questions wrapped in one but feel adding in test format type questions - one line trivia as well as virtual slides - would be very helpful helpful." — 11/13/2014

"More questions about immunofluorescence testing and viral cytopathic effect with images would be useful for the CP component of the exam." — 11/16/2014

"A handful of questions approximated actual exam content." — 12/13/2014

"Great value! I am happy with the product." — 11/13/2014

"BoardVitals would be great when studying for RISE in service exams. I also think more questions with benign entities that can be confused with malignant entities would be helpful. For clinical testing, more ethical based questions including laws and lab management would be great. Overall, I studied for six months including doing a month of BoardVitals and I passed both parts so I can't complain." — 11/16/2014

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