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NBDHE Dental Hygiene Board Exam Question Bank

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“I was impressed with BoardVitals... These are great questions for the Dental Hygiene exam, and the interface was easy enough. Good luck as you grow your qbank.”

Registered Dental Hygienist

Tips for Passing the Dental Hygiene Exam

We strongly suggest reading through the NBDHE guide published by the ADA. It’s long, so we’ve summarized the key points below.

NBDHE Exam Guide

Be prepared to encounter several formats on the hygienist exam:

  • Traditional Multiple Choice
  • Paired True-False (Usually presents A and B / A but not B / B but not A / Neither A or B are Correct)
  • Cause-Effect
  • Exception (This usually presents as ‘all of the following except’)
  • Matching
  • Ordering
  • Multiple Response
  • Item Sets - Testlets
  • Item Shells

The BoardVitals Dental Hygiene board exam question bank in a format that covers the vast majority of questions found on the exam with over 900 dental hygiene questions and more than 20 cases.

NBDHE Pass Rates

Approximately 8,000 students take the NBDHE every year, with approximately 75% of students taking the exam from March-June each year. The annual NBDHE pass rate is approximately 95%, so most people do pass. However, there is a correlation with the number of practice questions taken in the field of dentistry and pass rate on the exam.

NBDHE Prep for Success

BoardVitals shows the percent correct for each question so that those preparing for the exam can make sure that they are not falling in the bottom 10% of the test taking population. Institutions regularly use BoardVitals to identify the students that are underperforming compared to the national average, and students have access to dashboards which show the categories they need to prepare for.

The NBDHE board exam is administered in one day and follows this format:

  • 350 total questions
  • 200 discipline based questions
  • 150 case based questions

And Covers the Following Areas

  • Scientific Basis for Dental Hygiene Practice
  • Provision of Clinical Dental Hygiene Services
  • Community Health / Research Principles

Case-based items (both on the real exam and in BoardVitals content) can consist of the following:

  • Patient dental/medical history
  • Dental chart
  • Radiographs
  • Photographs

Note that not all cases include all of the elements mentioned. For more information about the exam please Contact Board Vitals.