BoardVitals Reviews & Testimonials

“Most Comprehensive online board review resource for numerous specialties I have seen. Excellent quality and quantity of questions available. Wish I had this sooner.”

Dr. Garry Choy, Radiology

“I wanted to give BoardVitals a personal testimonial. Many people said not to do practice test questions before my FNP boards and to worry more about learning the processes versus learning the questions. I totally agreed with learning the concepts versus memorizing the questions, but I disagreed with not practicing test questions, which is why I bought my BoardVitals exam prep. I had gone to a live exam prep, gotten CDs, and read a few prep books. Hands down, BoardVitals was the best study tool I used for my boards. Additionally, after doing BoardVitals, I got more out of my books and CDs. I liked how BoardVitals used the same patient with just slight differences, which changed the diagnosis as well as the treatment plan. This finally made me start thinking in terms of differential diagnoses! I recently had a job interview where they gave me case scenarios to prove myself. I remember hoping for left lower quadrant pain because of all my BoardVital questions! I Skyped with friends, and we all studied together, which helped to reinforce the questions. I've referred BoardVitals to a ton of folks on an NP Facebook site as well as sent your email to many students who are a semester behind me. As one of the people mentioned on Facebook, it's the best-kept secret, which hopefully I can help change. BTW, I passed with flying colors! Thank you!”


“I wanted to tell you that I used BoardVitals for my AANP certification. It was extremely helpful, and I would recommend your product to any advance practice nursing students to help prepare for boards. The questions were well written and provided a thorough explanation for the correct and incorrect answers. I passed the boards without difficulty. Thank you for a wonderful product to prepare for certification. ”

Kerri Henderson
Nursing Student

“Your FNP quiz questions played a tremendous role in my preparation and recent success with the FNP exam. I would do 30 to 60 questions per day on the same subject and review the rationales while making notes for any question I struggled with. This was key in my success with the FNP exam. I also earned 88 CEUs in the process. It was perfect! Thank you and best of luck! ”

D. LaPointe

“This was an amazing tool to help me pass the Family Nurse Practitioner board exam. The majority of the actual board questions I got were very similar to the questions in this review and were on the same material. ”


“Passed both the ANCC and AANP boards on my first attempt.”

Kari M.

“Great questions - very similar to the actual exam.”

Alex W.

“Excellent resource. Questions created around major nursing topics are a plus for this review site. The explanations are unmatched; I had more notes from the explanations and a better understanding of why a particular choice is the best answer. I will recommend this to anybody preparing to take the boards.”

Gabriel Ohiani-Jegede

“I passed AANP FNP boards confidently after using the question bank! The questions are very similar and help you learn what the question is really looking for (what they are testing your knowledge of). I recommend 100%!”

Jennifer K.

“The product helps me study at my own pace, I also like that quizzes can be taken timed or untimed, and I absolutely love that I can take quizzes on my mobile phone.”

Oyeyemi A.

“I am glad I used BoardVitals to literally reteach myself years of adult, gyro/OB, and geriatric medicine. The site was wonderful and spot on.”

Pamela Fish

“The questions are a great learning resource! I wish I had gotten it sooner! Love it!”

Sandra Greene

“I purchased BoardVitals to help me pass my boards back in March. I took the Boards in May and passed on my 1st try! BoardVitals was essential in preparing me to take the Boards! I highly recommend BoardVitals!”

Christine Varela Kit

“I used several different study tools while prepping for the AANP boards. I took my test today and passed!! BoardVitals was my favorite study tool I used, and the questions were more difficult than the questions on the boards, making the boards seem much easier than expected!”

Kathryn R.

“I would recommend BoardVitals to anyone preparing to take the ANCC or AANP.”

Alex W.

“I just passed my AANP FNP boards today 😊 I am beyond relieved & happy. I wanted to thank BoardVitals for helping me prepare. The test bank was easy to use with loads of valuable information. It is well worth the investment, I did this along with Leik & APEA. This helped fill in gaps & helped me to understand my strengths & weaknesses. I highly recommend the 3 month test bank. I wish I had known about this earlier. Thank you BoardVitals!!”

Whitney O.

“Very helpful! I really believe it helped me pass my certification exam and I would recommend BoardVitals to new NP's studying for their exam.”

Jennifer L.

“Passed my AANP certification on my first try thanks to BoardVitals.”

Karen N.

“I like the set up of BoardVitals. The practice questions are helpful in directing my learning experience by helping me identify weaknesses and strengths. I also have severe test anxiety and hate timed exams so this helps me to prepare for my test date.”

Rachel F.

“BoardVitals was a great resource in preparing for the boards!! Passed on the first try!!!”

Stephanie C.

“I love the explanations of the questions! It really solidifies my knowledge base and improves my understanding.”

Sara L.

“Great questions with helpful rationals! I've already passed the AANP using one test bank.”

Cayisa C.

“I learned so much faster from AANP questions on this site than any other I have tried. The questions have a good rationale on each answer.”


“Website is easy and convenient to use. The free trial was a valuable resource to help me decide if BoardVitals was right for my studying needs. The question bank is full of relevant questions and detailed rationales. I feel this product will help me gain knowledge I need to pass my family nurse practitioner exam.”

Christopher M

“Studying for the AANP - the questions and rationales are great!”

Patrick S.

“BoardVitals was a great resource in preparing for the boards!! Passed on the first try!!!”

Stephanie C.