BoardVitals Psychiatry Board Results 2014 / 2015

Each year, BoardVitals commissions a survey to determine our pass rate compared to the national average. Each survey is conducted by an independent third party (Lucyna Solutions) and is based on a random selection of test takers. We are the only board prep company that we know of that publishes independently certified results on an annual basis.

BoardVitals Psychiatry Board Pass Rate: 96.0%

National Average: 75%

Psychiatry Number of Respondents: 60 (Statistically Significant Sample)

Survey conducted by: Lucyna

Psychiatry Board Survey Results
  • Over 80% of Psychiatrists said BoardVitals adequately prepared them for the exam
  • 83% of Physicians surveyed said BoardVitals software was easy to use
  • 4 out of 5 respondents thought BV provides great value for the price
  • 4 out of 5 Psychiatrists said BoardVitals helped improve exam performance
  • Prep for great Psychiatry Board Results with our Psychiatry Question Bank

User Comments

Here's some of the feedback that we received. You'll see a lot is good, but we also don't shy from complaints. Instead, we are learning from our students and physicians and are constantly evolving the BoardVitals application to be the best and most comprehensive study guide available. We're proud to keep beating the national average for pass ratings as well as our own marks.

"Very helpful." — 12/19/2014

"It was instrumental in my successfully passing the boards." — 12/19/2014

"Navigation of used tests or questions needs to be more user friendly." — 12/22/2014

    Response from BoardVitals: Yes… we realized once you go through all of the questions, you need to be able to reset your account to do the questions again. We added this feature – thank you for the comment.

"I liked the format where I could take it in test mode and learning mode (not sure if that is the proper name). Those two options were crucial. Some of the questions had problems with being up to date and the reviewers appropriately corrected and deleted the question." — 12/25/2014

    Response from BoardVitals: All of our Board Prep material is now updated for DSM V. Thanks for letting us know – we removed the old questions.

"Good overall." — 12/20/2014

"Recommend you guys basing your software and features based on USMLE World. Your questions and answers are good, but it is difficult to navigate. [sic] I've recommended BV to other residents bc of great questions." — 12/19/2014

"Nice focused and concept based questions and answers." — 12/19/2014

"Content is FAR too expensive." — 12/19/2014

    Response from BoardVitals: We have full time specialists that continually help us curate content and write new questions as we receive feedback. We know residency is expensive (we’ve been there), but per question, we’re more affordable than any question bank.

"Thanks a lot! I passed." — 12/19/2014

"Excellent." — 12/19/2014

"You are doing very well. I've just recommended your program to 2 of my colleagues: a psychiatrist and a neurologist. Thank you." — 12/19/2014

"Haven't received board score yet BUT lots of questions about prevalence, etc. that is NOT on boards anywhere near the frequency of on your QBank. Otherwise good quality questions." — 11/13/2014

    Response from BoardVitals: Thank you! This is great feedback. We are in the process of removing prevalence questions.

"Very helpful." — 12/19/2014

"Great resource, thank you!" — 11/13/2014

"There should be some discounts for resident physicians." — 11/13/2014

    Response from BoardVitals: Agreed! We give any resident $10 back for people they refer. Please send us referrals and we’ll make sure you’re given a discount every time.

"I used many sources for studying, but this is the only one where the questions were just like the exam." — 12/28/2014