BoardVitals Neurology Board Results 2014 / 2015

BoardVitals has conducted a survey to determine our Neurology Board pass rate compared to the national average. Each survey is conducted by Lucyna Solutions (an independent third party) and is based on a random selection of test takers. We are the only board prep company that we know of that publishes independently certified results on an annual basis.

BoardVitals Neurology Board Pass Rate: 95%

National Average: 89%

Neurology Number of Respondents: 43 (Statistically Significant Sample)

Survey conducted by: Lucyna

Neurology Board Survey Results

User Comments

Here's some of the feedback that we received. You'll see a lot is good, but we also don't shy from complaints. Instead, we are learning from our students and physicians and are constantly evolving the BoardVitals application to be the best and most comprehensive study guide available. We're proud to keep beating the national average for pass ratings as well as our own marks.

"BoardVitals was very helpful and a great way to practice questions which really helped me passed. Very similar to the exam. Thanks for your help!!!" — 12/23/2014

"Excellent questions and test prep. Wish I'd used it sooner!" — 12/22/2014

"Some questions are too hard in BoardVitals. Explanation should be written in simple bullet points rather than in paragraphs which are difficult to read. Also there should be highlighting option in the questions and also in explanation for quick revision. Good thing that it is divided into multiple subsections which is easy to prepare. I am preparing for clinical neurophysiology subspecialty and would appreciate if BoardVitals also do prepare questions for neurophysiology and stroke which are the most commonly preferred subspecialty in the neurology (every year 450 members graduate from this programs combined). Thank you." — 12/21/2014

"Awesome awesome questions. Will continue to recommend." — 12/19/2014

"Thank you from a doctor who falls asleep in textbooks! Questions work best for me and your system was a lifesaver. Thank you again." — 12/19/2014

"It would have been nice to know that much of the content parallels "Comprehensive Review in Clinical Neurology: A Multiple Choice Question Book for the Wards and Boards." — 11/17/2014

"The platform became progressively slower as I went through the questions. It also forced me to wipe my old questions and restart." — 12/19/2014

"Reflected exam well, broad range of topics." — 12/19/2014

"The questions were more difficult than the exam." — 12/19/2014

"I have recommended, and will continue to recommend BV to the many people I'm in contact with, both at MGH and elsewhere. As I have now seen the content of the actual board exam I cannot comment on board content but suffice it to say the results speak. BoardVitals made studying for boards painless and effective." — 2/24/2015

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