“This is a great question bank for psychiatry board review, the material is high-quality and high-yield”
Dr. Jain, Attending, Chicago, IL

“The question bank is very helpful to study for PRITE and the boards. It also useful for just testing my knowledge in psychiatry in general. The answer explanations are very useful and they help me to commit facts to memory. I love the convenience of a computerized test bank versus a large, heavy book! Sophia Kassem psychiatry resident at University of Toledo”

“Boardvitals has revolutionized the way we study for the PRITE and for boards! Finally a psychiatry question bank! We no longer have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend a review course, the course comes to you, and you can use it anytime you want. The statistics and feedback provided with each question are extremely helpful and guide you as to how you compare to others, which subjects you need to work on, and which you are doing well in.
” Anonymous, PGY-3 Resident in Psychiatry

“This has been a good learning experience for me as I prepare to take the part 1 ABPN exams. I believe that the standard of the questions and the knowledge I acquire by reviewing these questions will guide me to success without doubt.”
Dr. Olumuyiwa Falola, Attending Psychiatrist, Delaware

“The database of questions is not only large, but the quality of questions is unsurpassed. I was especially impressed with the explanations, which often included images, charts, or tables to summarize large amounts of information. Using this system to prepare for the PRITE helped me increase my score significantly and will be incredibly valuable to me as I prepare for boards as well. The convenience of reviewing for boards from anywhere is great, I won’t need to attend an in-person course and spend thousands of dollars to pass boards.”
Dr. Sean Paul, MD, PGY-3 Resident University of Florida

“Indeed this MD is delighted to have such a high yield forum helping a lot. The questions seen in the forum are of same caliber as seen in the Board exams. The collection of entire material takes a lot of briliant heads to compile them. Folks! hats off on your successful endeavour.”
Dr. M Chaudhry, attending in New York