Psychiatry Board Practice Questions

We have been asked by many users about resources for ABPN psychiatry board practice questions. Unfortunately the few blogs that had previously posted old PRITE questions were asked to remove them, so these are no longer available.

One good way to get your hands on psychiatry board questions is to ask a residency program director or program coordinator if they can provide you with the old PRITE exams.

As far as FREE psychiatry board review questions, we have yet to find a source that provides high-quality questions with expansive explanations that you can really study from. We, of course, recommend the affordable BoardVitals psychiatry question bank, which offers 24-hour access to over 1,500 questions (and they add more every day) in a high-tech online system that is fully customizable. BoardVitals provides expansive explanations, many with tables/images/charts to enhance your learning experience.

There are a few books containing practice questions as well. The Mass General Question Book is something that some of our users tell us they have used. One user told us that the questions in the book are very good but that the questions and explanations are very brief and lack the detail that they look for when reviewing for boards.

We would love your suggestions on other resources you have found for psychiatry board preparation questions!